Meet Vineti Anand, Founder and Director at ChangeWindow – developed specifically for professional women where they can expect One on One Coaching , Training Programs and Workshops that are designed to bridge the gap of where you are and where you want to be.


What does Lean In mean to you and how do you ‘lean in’ in your life? 

Lean In for me means “Accepting”, that acceptance can be of ourselves including our flaws and of others perception of the world. To truly Lean In we have to heighten our awareness to our thoughts, emotions, feelings and of those who are around us. Once you learn to see the world from different perspectives and start to listen carefully to your inner voice, you may be surprised how comfortable your leaning in experience becomes.

For me accepting or leaning in became a part of me when I started becoming more self-aware and I realized that to be successful and happy I need to lean in to vulnerability. Once I had that clarity it was then just a matter of finding from whom, where and how I will get that support. I personally believe Melbourne Lean is a great place to start.


From a successful corporate career to becoming a business owner, what are some of the hurdles you had to cross and how did you overcome them?

That’s a good question. Being an entrepreneur has always been my dream, it took me a long time to decide what it is that I wanted to do, but I am glad that I now do what makes me alive every day.

Well as you may imagine from limiting beliefs of “will I be successful” to doubts from others like “you sure you want to do this?” and everything in between was challenging initially. But when you have a clear goal, purpose and a vision, you keep going at it. Eventually all the voices in your head and those coming from others stop.

Then there are the challenges of setting up a business, for that it’s been a steep learning curve through training, coaching and a lot of hard work and persistence. It’s not easy to set up a business but you need to know your strengths and weaknesses, so you can outsource your weaknesses, while capitalising on your strengths.

Having a network of support like mentors, coaches, family and friends helps a lot when you have bad days, and we all have them…it’s important to be really Resilient. Some of us are naturally more resilient while others may have to practice.

And finally, and most importantly having behavioural flexibility where I quickly recognised what was not working and change by learning from modelling successful people.

Is there any specific incident or life changing experience that embarked your journey to take up life coaching?

I have to be honest the journey to becoming a Life and leadership coach did not happen overnight. After working in corporate for a long time and having a comfortable life I was looking for the next phase, something more fulfilling and purposeful. I loved being a corporate woman but I always felt there was more to life.  I have been a lifelong learner and after more than 14 years of corporate life, Master in business administration and bachelor in engineering I wanted to try something different.

Of course there is a point when realisation hits you. For me it was after having my second child, I was diagnosed with early stages of postpartum depression, then usual workplace overwhelms added to that. So, I decided to go with Life coach and enrolled myself in the program as a personal development activity but it was quickly clear to me that the process is indeed transformational. Of all those thoughts and experiences (including traumatic ones like abuse, bullying, losing a loved one ) build over years that were impacting my results in life started to change at the subconscious level, I gained clarity and knew what I had to do to find the perfect balance and eventually make me more successful, resilient and happy.

During my training I learned everything about the power of our inner voice and how we can programme it to have better life experiences. I felt that I could use all that I have learned to create something powerful for women in corporate.

So, using my learnings from my MBA, life coaching (including NLP and hypnosis), my corporate experiences in different geographic regions, as a woman, I started my journey of life and leadership coaching for women in corporate or business to help them up their game and create their versions of Success, Courage and Happiness.


How has the journey to becoming a coach helped you in the different hats you wear every day?   

Life and Leadership coaching is all about looking at your life as a whole and changing at a level where you are able to not only be successful professionally but also personally. I personally feel I am much more at peace within myself, and it’s contagious. I feel (and being told many times) people around me see me differently, well for start my husband comes for advice from me around how to deal with workplace issue 😉

It’s about finding that balance where you know what’s best for you, always remember “you can’t pour from an empty cup”. So, every change starts with SELF.

Now whether it is work or home I bring my whole self and give 100% to whatever I have committed to. I have embraced the pleasures of wearing a different hat and I don’t divide myself anymore. When it comes to serving my clients, it has always been a collaborative process where I partner with my client because while I am coaching, I also learn so much. So as a coach, mother, wife, friend, leader and human I have become more self-aware and accepting of other perceptions of world.


As a woman, have you felt judged for wanting to start your own business and managing a family? How do you overcome these biases and judgmental situations?  

I have to be honest; I was very lucky to have a family and support network that believed in me, setting up a business is not easy you cannot do it alone especially with young family. So, before I ventured, I identified my Lean in circle and discussed with them my aspirations and support I would need from them. 

However, you know there are always those who are skeptic about your ventures? For me it was not about convincing them but more of a gradual change that happened when they saw the transformation in me. I guess it’s all about “Walk the talk” and I am glad cause now I have clients from South Africa, Canada, India, Vietnam etc

I genuinely feel blessed and grateful to opportunities I have had in life, family and work.  I have a secret Mantra “Focus on what is that you want – your GOAL, and be grateful for what you have in life


As a life coach, what is that one takeaway you give your clients, family, friends or anyone you know?

As a life and Leadership coach, I work with Leaders who usually know what they want, I collaborate with them to create a perfect path to success and happiness. 

There is no one take away as each client and their story is as unique as their fingerprints, however I usually focus on getting absolute clarity in what is that they Really, truly desire and How can they get there using the skills and tools they already have.


What is the one quote that inspires you to keep going, no matter what obstacles come your way?

One of my favourite quote that keeps me motivated and has made me resilient as a person is no doubt “ the master has failed more times than the beginner has ever tried” however what I have learned from failing is that “If it didn’t  work the first time do it differently next time”.


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