An often overlooked ingredient to getting ahead in the workplace is the ability to negotiate. Your future career success can depend on it.

The importance of negotiation in your personal life, business and your career can’t be overestimated so Melbourne Lean in Chapter hosted it’s first workshop of the year – “Recallable and Smart ABC Framework of Negotiation”.

The workshop was facilitated by Peter Singer who is a negotiation advisor, mediator and facilitator. Peter’s ability to simplify difficult concepts made this event insightful and engaging. We would also like to thank Shine Solutions for sponsoring this event and for being a supporter of Melbourne Lean In.

Summary of the workshop:

 1.    Interesting quotes discussed in this event:

–     Communication doesn’t take place because you tell somebody something.  It takes place when you observe them closely and track their ability to follow you.  – Alan Alda

–     Objects react. Mind can choose not to. – William Ury

–     For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. – Isaac Newton

–     Replace certainty with curiosity.

–     Nothing is in the way. Everything is the way.

2.     Areas to master in a negotiation:

–      The initial engagement: Communication, empathy and relating is important in the initial engagement.

–      Getting to the real issues: Identifying needs is important in order to understand the real issue.

–      Finding a solution: Understanding needs and thinking about various possible options is necessary to find a solution.

3.    Steps to consider in a negotiation:

A: Awaken your awareness

Awakening awareness will halt mutual alienation, gain clarity, time and space and move interaction to a constructive and connecting dialogue

B: Bring out the needs

Needs can be spiritual, psychological and emotional. No matter how people express themselves, help them clarify their needs. Needs can include a desire to be treated in a certain way, a feeling of importance by contributing to a decision or receiving recognition.

C: Create Options

Once needs are identified you can create options to meet these needs. Think about what are the likely outcomes. What options could meet the needs?

What could possibly meet both of our needs? What else may work? What is something totally outrageous? How would we look back on this? If we had no constraints what could we do?

You can contact Peter Singer through his website if you need a mediator, negotiation advisor or facilitator for your upcoming negotiation worksop.

You can check upcoming event organised by Melbourne Lean In here : Journeys of successful women

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