With the aim to equip and empower women with the skills to become effective leaders, Melbourne Lean In organised it’s first workshop on “Impressiveness, Personal Impact and Persuasion” featuring Andrew Marty, Managing Director of SACS Consulting.

Andrew, is qualified psychologist with over twenty five years of human resource management and consulting experience. He has facilitated groups of varying levels of seniority, including up to board level for organisations across multiple sectors. Andrew ran an insightful and engaging workshop on how women can successfully utilise ‘Impressiveness, Personal Impact and Persuasion’ for further developing their careers.

We’d like to thank CBA Women in Focus for sponsoring this event and Grace Bowefor being such a big supporter of Lean In Melbourne.

Thanks to our lovely co-organisers Shalaka Parekh and Punam Roopra for their contribution in making this event successful.

Key take-aways from Andrew’s workshop:

A)    Set a destination as the image you want to present

–       Define the destination: You are most likely to reach the destination if you define it and more so if you define it clearly.

–       Plan the way to your destination: Plan how you want to be perceived. Start with five words or phrases you would want people to use when they describe you.

–       Get feedback: Get the honest feedback from the people you trust.

B)    It is crucial to start and to finish well

Understand primacy and recency effect (the 60/20/20 rule). The primacy effect tells us that our brain views items at the beginning of a sequence as more important or significant than the rest. We’re more likely to remember them as well. The recency effect tells us that our brains also remember things better if they occur at the end of a sequence.

For example, if you are in the meeting for one hour:

–       Your messaging in the first three to five minutes will determine 60% of the positive or negative impression you will have on your audience. This is due to the primacy effect.

–       Your messaging in the last seven to eight minutes will determine 20% of the positive or negative impression you will have on your audience. This is due to the recency effect.

When you are planning your messaging or conversation, start with the most important message you would like to give in the conversation and repeat that message at the end of the conversation.

Other factors which play part in impressiveness are:

–       Professionalism

–       Likeability

–       Trustworthiness

C)    Put yourself and your audience in the right mind space

–       Use a mind map to prepare for your presentation or conversation. This will put you in the right mind space. Practice mindfulness and manage your emotions.

–       For effective communication and messaging, understand how the ‘old’ and ‘new’ brain works.

Old Brain: The old brain is wired for survival and deals with anger, fear and joy. Emotional content can be activated by old brain.

E.g. Why do quit smoking messages and advertisements typically show graphic portrayals of the negative health consequences of smoking? Why do they feature testimonies from people who have been adversely impacted by smoking? These commercials are powerful because they evoke the emotions and activate the old brain.

New Brain: The new brain is responsible for future, collaboration and it acts consciously. The new brain messaging works when you can paint a picture for brighter future.

E.g. Instead of saying “exercise will help you lose weight”, saying “Exercise will give you a healthy life and make you feel and look better” can have better impact.

D)    Consider and plan for your persuasion options

Consider one of the below persuasion options that suits your personality and the situation you are handing

•      Rational persuasion

•      Consultation and partnership

•      Inspirational appeal

•      Personal appeal

•      Exchange

•      Coalition

•      Legitimising

•      Pressure

This was the first “soft-skills” workshop organised by Melbourne Lean In Circle. If you are interested in upcoming workshops join our circle here : https://leanincircles.org/circle/melbourne-lean-in

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